Frequently Asked Questions

How much are wedding flowers?

The price of wedding flowers varies greatly depending on the quality and variety of the flowers, in conjunction with how elaborate and/or large your wedding plans are.  A basic, no frills version may begin from as little as $1000, while a “Cadillac” version may run $10,000 or more.  Our “average” wedding seems to be $2,500 – $5,000. After meeting with you and discovering your wedding plans, we do give an estimate that same day.

Do you offer wedding packages?

 We find that wedding packages don’t work for most couples.  Every wedding has different size wedding parties, varying needs for ceremony and reception flowers, and individual visions for their wedding.  We find that it is most cost effective to work within a couple’s budget and use that budget wisely to gain the most floral impact. Remember that promises are easily made, but what is delivered on the day of your wedding is what truly matters.

What types of flowers are in season on my wedding date?

There is currently a lot of emphasis in bridal magazines on using seasonal flowers.  Although there are certain varieties of flowers, such as peonies, that are only available at a given time of year, the vast majority of flowers can be acquired year round.  This is due to the fact that 90% of all flowers are commercially grown and imported on a regular basis from South America, Holland, Israel, Hawaii, Thailand, and other parts of the world.  The colors and varieties that are available to modern brides are practically limitless at any time of year.

How far in advance should I schedule a consultation?

We typically begin meeting with couples about a year prior to the wedding, however it is best to have your color palette selected before coming in to discuss your wedding flowers. 

How many weddings do you book per wedding date?

We do limit how many weddings we book per wedding date.  The number of weddings we book is contingent upon how large the weddings are and the distance we must travel to coordinate the delivery.  We may book as many as 3-4 smaller, local weddings per weekend or as few as one very elaborate, distant wedding.  Danielson Flowers has years of experience in designing and coordinating weddings, and we never book more than we can comfortably handle.

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